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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Theft reported at Maybrook Lodge Solidarity Farm

It has come to our attention that on Monday or Tuesday there was a laptop computer of Kevins which went missing.  He has reported it to the police. 

The police inquired of numerous residents here at the Farm.  We were also asked by them if we knew anything and we did not know.  In fact, I have never seen his laptop, never knew he had one.

But what I do know in related-matters is that Kevin has constantly accused and insinuated at Ahgamen that he is a thief and will steal.  That is patently false, there is no basis for it.  I have not done any theft, burglary, etc. and have no convictions for any theft on my record.  If you want to look it up, get the legal authorities or an investigator or an attorney firm to find those facts.

We are sorry that Kevin may be missing his possession but we do not know anything regarding it.  We know NOTHING.  There were multiple new persons at the Farm on Sunday and possibly into Monday.  We did not meet any of them.  This was part of the community party as publically announced on the Facebook page.  Maybe there needs to be background checks on new guests, who are not vetted by anybody who resides here? As Ahgamen suggested to be put into place for protocol in May 2018.
Interested in Intentional Community? Co-housing? Farming Collectives?
Come get informed, inspired, & meet your future collaborators.
Come at 3pm for swimming and/or site tour!
STARTING A COMMUNITY: Lessons in the making at Solidarity Farm
Kevin Skvorak has devoted himself to fomenting egalitarian community for over 20 years. He is trained in permaculture and identifies with Regenerative Farming as the most promising practice available to help mitigate the looming climate chaos we face. Currently spearheading Solidarity Farm in Kerhonkson, a new intentional community, Kevin will share his first hand experience with the ins and outs, as well as the highs and lows, of starting a community from scratch.
3–5pm: Meet and greet, creekside swimming, farm tour
5pm: Presentation w/ Kevin Skvorak
6:30pm: Pot luck dinner
[Please label your dish with all that apply: organic, vegan, gluten-free]
7:30–pm: COMMUNITY TALKING CIRCLE with Dagen Julty
$2–4 Suggested Donation

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