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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Maybrook Lodge Solidarity Farm Kerhonkson NY

The title of the post is used because they keep insisting on using these terms.  Although it is clear that "Maybrook Lodge" is a defunct business.  Maybrook Lodge was filed as business by the May family a long time ago.  They are all gone now and sold the property.

Solidarity Farm is a name for a new garden section of the property, not a legal entity, not as of yet. And they keep referring to the locality as Kerhonkson, although it is closer to Accord, NY.  Maybe it is served by the Kerhonkson postal office, not the Accord postal office. But if you look at the map it is closer to Accord town. 

The continued use of the name verges on fraudulent.  What is actually going on to bring the project and business up to date, and making it current?  Nothing is going on, just more of the perpetual sloppiness.  One month ago I asked that the sign be removed, from the old business entity which has been out-of-business for the many of years.  Why? Because it is sending out a message to those that see it, business is open as usual.  It will continue to bring in random people who are seeking lodging, YET there is no lodging.

It is one of the many reasons as to why I feel this place is being mismanaged and neglected.  If NEFA wants to run a Maybrook Lodge then they need to file the business name. 

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