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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Dagen has recommended a mediation

Dagen has kindly recommended a follow-up mediation meeting.  He became aware of the ongoing nature of the conflict here at Maybrook and communicated with Ahgamen and Michelle recently.  So we are considering this opportunity for real community growth and development.  This is how it really happens.

The main obstacle is that we cannot interact directly.  As per the Protection Order with the state authorities, Michelle and Ahgamen are protected from harassment by Kevin Skvorak.  I think that other people who are "siding with" Kevin can communicate for him.  That's because the gang of four think alike.

We shall see if this will be scheduled, although we are willing as long as it is positive and constructive.  We also would require that the meeting be video-recorded and those who do not want to appear, can sit off-camera.  We however will be in full camera, as we have nothing to hide.  The documentation is for learning and posterity purposes.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Maybrook Lodge meeting facilitator Dagen Julty

There was a meeting facilitated by Dagen on Sunday June 17, 2018.  Michelle had requested at the start of the meeting for permission to video-document the meeting.  Ahgamen approved of this, as did Dagan.  However, Kevin, Tanyth, Richard, Purmilla, and others rejected the proposal and opted for their secrecy.  They kept the meeting a secret, although they said note-taking was allowed. Therefore the meeting has no documentation other than written notes, even though it was offered and made possible to be filmed/video.

There may be reasons as to why the people who have self-appointed themselves as the rulers of the place, do not want to be filmed.  What could those reasons be?  Hiding something?  Hiding their actions?  Their words?  Their inconsistencies?  There is no transparency at this place which claims to be a community of democracy.  Without transparency and documentation any social experiment will fail.

As a remedy for this apparent discrepancy, this blog had been established and continues with a mission to document what is really going-on with transparency and honesty.  That's the only thing that can be relied-upon and trusted.

For everyone who was a witness and participant at the meeting can attest to what was said and done, especially the sharp-minded facilitator, Dagan.  At the outset of the meeting, he stated that "everybody is wanting to see what will happen with this community" referring to all the interested people in the surrounding region.  Dagan was describing the many people who he is connected with, whom have an interest and a "hunger for community".  Kevin quickly remarked that it wasn't true and couldn't be of any interest.  Kevin apparently thinks that it's a secret and nobody knows about the community and project.  But after awhile of convincing, Kevin seemed to agree that maybe there was far-flung interest in what was going-on and whether it would succeed.

(to be con't.)

At the meeting, Little Bear (Alex) threatens Ahgamen and his family.  He loudly declares that he thinks Ahgamen is evil and is "Twelve Tribes"!  What does it all mean?

Friday, June 15, 2018

Meeting announced

A tentative meeting has been planned for next Tuesday, June 19, 2018, which will be facilitated by Dagan of the regional community (not yet of our local, land-based resident community - it should be specified).  Dagan first visited on Wednesday June 13. He has been living in the region for many years and has a lot of experience with intentional community.  He is also skilled at being a mediator.  In that sense, there is an aspect to the meeting with Dagan that will be a mediation between Kevin and additional leadership/management.

The topics of the meeting will be:  community living, developing the cooperative, initiating new members, conflict resolution, privacy, integrity, family, relationships, and improving communication within the local community (among other topics).  Anybody with an interest in this community and developing the future cooperative is invited to attend.

Ahgamen hopes that all attendees will be patient and polite and respectful during the meeting.  The time and exact schedule is TBA.

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