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Friday, July 27, 2018

Analysis by resident philosopher Ahgamen

There are two sides to the story here at the (funny) farm. One is a positive appealing account of the success and ongoing activities of: the company, the workers, the farmers, the cooperative-in-formation, and the visitors from the larger community (who are becoming member-worker farmers).  That side of the story is a happy version and will be a welcome read by anybody with an open mind for the fascinating human-interest article.

The other side is not-so-positive and reveals all the problems, personal conflict, injustice, controversy and challenges.  It pains me to even spend the time and effort to document it and broadcast its facts.  Yet telling that story is necessary, because it has many lessons to give for those who are mature enough to learn.  And it is moreso the search for truth than the rose-colored glasses story.  The somewhat negative version of the situation is just as much for the public record as the first version. But the story has been divided into two sides for obvious reasons.

The first one is the ideal and everybody wishes that it was that way ONLY.  The situation is indeed that way, but not ONLY, because there's a lot more going-on beneath the surface, which is not for everybody to deal with directly.  That second one is full of conflict and ongoing drama, it is the challenge to solve all its problems and maintain the first side of the story.

You decide which version you want to read!  It's as if the first one is a proverbial "blue pill" and the second one is a proverbial "red pill". The first one is a nice starter, it paints a wonderful scenario. It is a success story and describes the best experiences that have happened. 

I suggest the best method to gain the full reality is to digest both pills, you can read both sides and then compare them.  But that is something you may not want to indulge in immediately.  Take some time and read the first one and check it out, firsthand for yourself.  Visit and observe, you can participate.  Beware of becoming part of the problems in the second side of the story, yet that is your own karmic fate.

Admin of Preservation Protocol

Links will be provided below for first and second side of the story.  Choose well!

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