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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

What are the categories that exist in the community, for codification in the cooperative by-laws

What are the categories that exist in the community, for codification in the cooperative by-laws?   These are all or most of the categories and subdivisions which do exist in and of the community; as of this initial review currently, circa June 2018, by Ahgamen.
By using the three columns, we can identify the status of each individual according to three aspects of interaction with the community.  By using the three or four rows, we can identify the status according to application, acceptance by group consensus.  Each and every individual will belong to multiple areas, at least one in the columns and at least one in the rows.  This is not a linear or one-dimensional perspective on our experiences; this is a multi-dimensional analysis, giving us a bigger picture of all the interactions and possibilities.

Let's take several specific individuals and find their position by using the diagram.
For example, Kevin S.:
Community category of Kevin S.
In the above diagram, the colourized areas designate what type is this individual.  Kevin is according to the first column: a resident, full-time.  He is in the second column: a worker, full-time.  He is also being paid and has decision-making with the funding monies.

Example #2, Nadette:
Example #3, Dominick:
Example #4, Valeria:

Example #5, Michelle:
Example #6, Katie:
There is a need for more exploration.  These are rough diagrams for informational purposes only.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Steering Committee for Establishing the COOPERATIVE

The current status of the cooperative is that it's forming.  We are in a formative phase or it's embryonic.  We are holding a basic, rough idea and working model of the cooperative, yes.  But it is neither developed nor specified enough to be an actual cooperative.  It needs to be developed and sharpened and formed to a more clear and concise structure, in order to be truly established.  So as of this date, 2018 June 6, the cooperative is still in the process of being born and it will not be born until we do lots of work, mental effort is required. 

How are we going to create the cooperative in a meaningful and tangible way?  What is the purpose of the cooperative and what will it do, what will members do within it?  How will the cooperative operate, the protocols, the functions, and the rules and regulations?

Definition from wiki pedia:  Steering Committee
A steering committee is a body within an enterprise that supports the steering of its actions. Its main concern is making strategic decisions concerning future realization of the enterprise’s investment projects. It makes decisions about which of the presented projects will be realized, and which will not. It is responsible for the management and monitoring of a long-term project, which means that it controls the realization of the project at the strategic level, verifies the project’s coherence with established aims, and keeps established frames such as range, costs and deadlines. Should any changes in the project happen, they must be first presented and accepted by a member of the steering committee. Only in the case of acceptance are the changes introduced to the project. The steering committee assesses and accepts the changes by means of consensus. It deals also with coordination and coherence with other realized projects. The steering committee creates working groups and chooses experts, with whom the enterprise will work to realize the project. The manager of a project is accountable for a project in front of the committee.
How long will it take for the steering committee to actually codify the cooperative?  That depends on who is doing the work and what communication is going on.  It could go at a slow pace or the pace could be quickened if we wish.  We decide.  It could take 6 months or take a year!  It could take a week, or a month!  Let's find out.  Can we set a deadline?  To give some sort of schedule and to set the pace, a goal to accomplish this within a set amount of time.  Do we not need this cooperative as soon as possible?  Reasons for this, in a separate post.

Let's use this post as the thread for comments and work of the steering committe.  I can think of no better function for it...........

What Is the Function of a Steering Committee?

Quick Answer

The function of a steering committee is to provide support, advocacy and enablement for the projects which they oversee. A steering committee is not designed to actually manage or run a project, and should be kept from doing so. Rather, the steering committee should facilitate the project manager's ability to plan and direct a given project, giving advice and support along the way.

Full Answer

Steering committees function best when the scope of their responsibilities and purposes are clearly defined. They often function as a decision-making body, determining the budgets, time lines and personnel for the projects they oversee. A steering committee should not be loaded up with members who are not needed; instead, every member on the committee should have a specific function tied to oversight, recording of decisions, budgeting or other specific skills needed depending on the project.
At times, steering committees have been known to get too involved with the projects they are supposed to be providing oversight for, and they begin to take an overly active role in the management of the project. When this occurs, someone on or off the committee must remind the steering committee of its advisory role in the project, directing the focus back onto the project itself and what needs to be done to bring it to a successful conclusion.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

About Ahgamen and why I created this virtual place for discussion on the cooperative

I'm Ahgamen Keyboa, an individual who intends to be a member of the cooperative, intending to fit harmoniously into the group. I've shown interest in it, I'm participating and doing "sweat equity". Although, Ahgamen is not perfect and is a work in progress.  I am learning and trying new things.  it's an experiment and this is the real life. this is revolution. this is truth.  (facts: my legal name is Peter Tasciotti, I was born in New York state, in the weeks before the Summer of Love) I am a lover, not a fighter. About 3 years old.

Ahgamen is a name for why a man went on a spiritual quest, it's for living life more fully, to find the meaning of it all.  I happened to link up with the group and the land by a set of circumstances, as I guess each of us has their own story.  The specifics are not as important as the idealogical principles of continuing this association.  I find myself in an interesting flow of experiences.  Here is a place to live. With others, as neighbors, as co-workers in solidarity. Here is a challenging prospect, filled with many other people who are joing together for a reason.  and we are wanting to do something great together. Or is it good?  Is it fair?  Is it justice?  Is it urgent? Is it peaceful?  Is it sustainable?  Is it revolutionary?  Is it practical?  I believe it's ultimately about being more spiritually aware of the self and everything surrounding us in the world.  Slowly, gradually.

As part of all this, the challenging prospect is the fact that many indviduals are already meeting here at this geographical place.  The talking is happening, but also the doing. We are also joining within this virtual concept.  It's a concept of community, of cooperative, of Solidarity Farm.  There a wealth of information around this idea, an ongoing flow of communication.  But I was thinking that a stream of emails was not sufficient.  Email is good for peer to peer correspondence and it is private, secret, used on a need-to-know basis.  Yet where is the transparency?  Where is the public record?  Where can we have a more open, shared source of info?

I am offering this as a tool for our discussions.  I know there is a pre-existing face b o o k.  This could then be an alternative, additional source.  This is a sort of forum. I'm just going to do this and invite others to participate, if it seems useful.  I will adminster the info herein.  I don't know how active this will become or how long it will be of any active use.  I can predict that it will decrease in its usefulness after awhile, but it can remain online for any newbies that come along later, wanting to study the historical background of the movement.

This has been kind of an intro to the blog website.  Thanks for reading and feel free to join the discussion.

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