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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Solidarity Farm rejects and kicks out Haum

One may ask why did Solidarity Farm kick out Haum?  He was invited and he arrived ready for work.  The place needs plenty of workers.  Yet Haum was told to pack up and get out.  Haum writes a letter to the Solidarity Farm representatives:

Hello Kevin and Taniff, when I first got there I felt like I was not welcome. My friend Agga came under attack before I got in the front door. You claimed there were red flags, looked like he was a possible loose cannon. You stated He was not working and acted as if he was the authority. Also, there were accusations that he was stealing something. Also, you stated he brought me there under the false pretense that I was allowed to stay there when It was already decided that it was only a visit. There was also a dispute with people knowing agga's business with Michelle that lead to an uproar. You also claimed that Agga needed to discuss with you how people were to come there on the coop project. To me this was way too much confusion at the outset. 
When I went to get my bags it seems to me that it was not clarified how I was to be handled. As I approached you we had a brief discussion on my intentions. You stated, I told you to leave and then you decide to set up tent. That it when you stated to me that did I think it was weird that I show up and think I can stay. I agreed that you were thinking it was weird, however, I was working under the authority that Michelle and Agga thought that there was not a problem with it because they have regularly invited newcomers. 
You then stated to me "is Agga controlling you." I let you know I only know what I was told and furthermore, off the record, I rely on his guidance as well as everybody elses until I got situated and that never happened. 
At the Monday meeting, which was somewhat heated at times and did not leave me with a good impression of any type of stability at the location, yes, it was brought to my attention that I could stay. However, there were many problems that needed to be clarified and I highlighted some of them with you and Taniff after the meeting. The most important concern that I have is that Agga, Michelle, Kevin and Taniff discuss in private how people will be brought to this Coop. I strongly suggest that it is brought before the owner so there is no more confusion on the subject matter. You did state that I would possibly be welcome in the future. The only concern that I have is where will I stay. I can camp in my tent.
In the mean time I know everyone will begin working on concerns in a matter that is appropriate for the entire group. Keep me informed on the progress so everyone can make a better decision in the future for me as well as everyone else who decides to go there. There is no blame here and possibly I will see everyone in the future again. Good Bye for now and my apologies for any confusion.


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