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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Solidarity Farm as a name & AIRBnB started for new campsite!

Announcement:  The idea for promoting a campsite on AirBnB by Ahgamen, aka Peter Tasciotti has been initiated.  This is a great feature to the cultural center/retreat center.  May 31 is the beginning of the work and filing of the info on the listing
please go to
Solidarity Farm.
Or  M a y b r o o k  name?  Confusing and not legally feasible.  The former name of the business is now defunct and the legal owners of that business have sold. Therefore it is not the name of a place, but a discontinued business.
M a y b r o o k is being confused with the town of the same name, which is on the way to Accord, NY from NYC.  Advisable to prevent the possible confusion and visitors/travelers getting lost on their journey.  Solution: drop the old business name.
TWO reasons cited herein.

Besides we are bordering on a creek which is officially called Mill Brook.  It could be argued that this waterway should be more aptly named Mombaccus Creek, which is the mountain from where the main tributary originates.

Thoughts, opinions?  Please respond with a comment!

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