Friday, June 3, 2022

Peg Leg Bates highway | What is that about???

   Well, if they are going to memorialize - by naming the Peg Leg Bates highway, from Kingston to Ellenville and beyond, U.S. route 209 in new York State... did everybody forget by now???

   Everyone in America has forgotten Peg Leg Bates, forgotten the history.  Who cares, right???


    Preservation is about preserving what is good and the Truth.  It is about preserving life and the structures of that life.. the good life.  It would take the form of the homes, the buildings, the land, all those tangible forms, not just a book and pics. 

    So what is going on with the central (eg2center) of the Peg Leg Bates legacy, the history??? Nothing.  Zero, Zilch, in fact, it seems to be opposite.  Somebody, some nefarious forces are taking away from history!  They are doing the opposite of Preservation!!  It is erasing the history. It erases Peg Leg Bates.  It is done, caput, nobody cares and why?

    Soon, we are going to dig into these questions and the huge issue it presents.  It is an issue.  It is our heritage.  It is our sacred past.  if we do not do something, we will lose the lessons of history and we are then doomed to repeat it.  Does everybody here want to repeat history?  or move into the better future? 

    Probably you are interested in preserving history and the memory of Peg Leg Bates (and his highway) AND HIS RESORT.  As a historic site, for all posterity and future generations.  Let's find out, who's a real deal here.  Who's a hypocrite and a destroyer of American heritage?  Who's who....

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