Friday, June 3, 2022

Alarming! Extreme Heat Weather Global Warming?

    Is this the global warming?  North America is already in a heat wave, before the Summer starts!

    This began in May, early, extreme heat already setting in.  Most of the south and middle section, all the up to the North, in New York and many other regions. 100+ degrees.  101, 102, 103, feels like 110 degrees!  Farenheit temperatures. 100+ F. 
    This does not bode well.  This continues in the forecast for the next two weeks at least.  Then what? Official Summer arrives after that, 110 degrees and higher, hotter?  What's it going to be like in July 2022?  In August 2022?  Is this heat wave just a fluke, as if we are getting July August temperatures in May?
    Take a look at some screenshots from the forecast maps: 

frack action activist is shocked!

Yes it is quite alarming.  In the minimum, it is at least a few degrees above normal.  It presents the allegorical riddle, Should I stay or should I go.  That is connected with the related, Are we coming or going?  In other words, is the planet getting hotter or colder overall?  Or is it getting more extreme, with sudden changes happening too quickly?

Keep track of it, in any way possible, stay aware, stay vigilant.  We could suddenly end up in a Burning Apocalypse or we could suddenly freeze in a new Ice Age.  Find out!

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