Friday, August 3, 2018

News article posted about GANAS and Kevin Skvorak

Here is some news published on the web. I did not know that!!   snipped "In December Tottenville Historical Society President Linda Cutler Hauck, Conference House Park Director John Kilcullen, Susan Fowler, Manager of City Harvest’s Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative, and Nadette Stasa, a member of the Ganas intentional community on Staten Island’s north shore met with Kevin to explore the exciting possibility of bringing farming back to the South Shore in a way that would place the borough of Staten Island at the leading edge of the city’s emerging regenerative economy."

It continues: 

"Basically the essential story of permaculture is that we are all at extreme risk if we don't radically address the issues of climate change, systemic and growing economic inequality, a collapsing biosphere, and an accelerating mass extinction," Kevin explained. "All of these problems are very real, and the actual survival of humanity and most of the rest of the natural world is what is at stake. Permaculture and other approaches like it hold the most promising solutions to this, our very real collective predicament.  This is the story that motivates me."

As New York City and Staten Island move into the 21st Century and together we face all the challenges it will bring, we talked with Kevin about how combining new and yet old traditions of agricultural production will be more valuable than ever to our survival.  We all acknowledged that urban farming and food production could be means to redevelop Staten Island— the historic bread basket of New York City—in a truly sustainable way." end snip

It would behoove the community and the carbon footprint, if the food for GANAS is growing in Staten Island.  Great idea!  Go with that plan.  Otherwise, it is not local.  Growing food in the Catskills and shipping it through New Jersey, into Staten Island is not efficient, not wise.  Surely, it can be better situated. 

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