Saturday, July 21, 2018

Update, all posts are being re-published plus more info

Update: in the beginning of July I was thinking of the complaints from Kevin (and who was possibly speaking for others, such as Nadette or other Ganas members)  They were complaining about this blog.  Yet Andre and Michael E. and Haum and Edmund as well as many others were interested to gain info and insight.
I put into effect a hiatus and removed the majority of the posts on July 8 (cf. that notice)  But now I am continuing with this blog, whose mission is to reveal facts and truth and foster community growth, as well as cooperation in all worthy progressive movements. 
What brought about this decision/ this reversal?  I just realized it is the right thing to do.  It is proper and true and will be done.  Whoever doesn't agree, then I appreciate your opinion.  We agree to disagree.  Thanks and that is the end of the existentiality.

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