Saturday, July 21, 2018

Land, the farms, the gardens and the people who are doing that

Give thanks for your life, it is good and precious.  We are following a philosophy of simple living and that includes at its core, the work of growing your own food.  Simple and direct and natural is the lifestyle. 

If any monied interests would like to come-along and "to mission-statement" that as a way to gain their comfy millions, then do so at the risk of karma.  You do not represent the common, simple farmer, those who are meek and being the salt of the earth.  Those are the ones who need access to the farms.  Those are the humnan beings going back to live on the land.  YET those are the ones who are being used and exploited.  In their name, the artificial feudal-lords of today are thrusting out their palms, in search for alms, big alms charity donations. 

We are the grass-roots consciousness. 

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