Sunday, July 22, 2018

Dominick, notice of mismanagement, misrepresentation of NEFA mission

This is sent to you by Ahgamen (Peter) and Michelle Ann, as well as our family and community.  I hope this letter finds you doing well.  How is your farm work going?  How are your sheep doing?

The subject of this message is about mismanagement, greivous injustice, as well as a legal warning.  It has come to our attention that Kevin and others that he associates-with are in wrong conduct and being dishonest. The arrangement has been that Kevin speaks to you about the issues and concerns of operating the former-Maybrook.  The problem is that he is not able to function in that capacity without distortion and lying.  If he has made statements about us (Michelle and Ahgamen)  then he must be spreading lies and twisting all the facts.  He should not be trusted.  He is now known to be somebody who will sabatage his own self.

In fact, let's talk about the way he tries to run the operations.  He makes a horrible mess, a messy disorganized person. But he does make good rows of vegetables, I will give him credit.  However this messy chaotic method he displays is also affecting the way he attempts to manage.  First of all, he is not the manager of anything. I introduced the project to many new members who are great workers.  Yet what did he do?  He displayed a rude, nasty attitude and made a fool of himself and pushed them away. These people are the key to success, these are the farmers for access to the farm.

Kevin lies about the work we are doing.  We have worked since we arrived in April 2018.  What has he reported to you?  We both have done work and were told in mid-May that there would be a 100 week stipend starting in that week.  We have never been paid.  He also told this to Jennifer.  Now she has informed us that she is getting the 100 week stipend.  Why is that?  Is it because Kevin told lies?  We have been working and Jennifer was not even here in the beginning, she was working for our friend at his house, so we directly know all the days she was paid by him.  While she was there, we were working here!  Where is our stipend, our sweat equity for these hours?

About the leadership position, Kevin tries to, he attempts to, then he contradicts himself about managing.  He says "nobody is in charge", "I don't want to be the manager", "I'm not the Sherriff".  He is a disorganized, disjointed thinker, almost as bad as his friend Little Bear Alex.  We do not know if you heard the story about Little Bear, you probably didn't.  He was working here every other week.  I saw him and spoke with him many times.  I planted the potatoes with him.  Then he started to yell at me and slander me, for no reason; I did nothing wrong to him.  He then started to harass and yell at Andre and they had a heated argument leading to a potential physical fight.  He then ran into the house where Kevin stays. After that he departed.  Several days later he went to my friends house on the other side of Accord and he proceeded to get into an argument.  My friend had him remove him from his house because he became so nasty and vile.

Kevin cannot be trusted for his word and I can only imagine the lies he has stated about myself and my family.  It would behoove you to find out the truth.  We are good workers and have improved the land and structures here.  We are continuing to do so, even after the antagonistic conduct of Kevin, Little Bear, and his other associates.

My conclusion is that Kevin needs a lot of therapy.  He lost a relationship at Clove Valley and Sara W. who apparently was his partner, separated from him because of violence and other problems.  He always brings up this experience of his, especially with Michelle.  He tries to use Michelle as a therapist.  She did not ask for that, she told him to stop. Kevin needs mental treatment from professionals.

This is the recommended solution: Kevin should leave and go to New Jersey where he can better access the Staten Island market he wants to serve (Ganas et al.)  This project needs workers.  I have literally more than a dozen qualified people ready to go.  But they will not be able to do it with Kevin here. They are simple farmers and want to be close to the land and also repairing the infrastructure.  If this is implemented, there will be success.

This is the legal warning: NEFA has a declared mission.  If it is not followed, then it is clearly fraud.  They are collecting money, property, and investors to provide a system that farmers will access the farms.  Specifically, former-Maybrook was for housing of the farmers and Arrowhead was for main piece of land to farm.  I am doing that along with the group that is forming the cooperative.  If any party is to take any action to hinder or obstruct this, then it is grounds for a lawsuit.  Labor laws will be invoked at the Federal level.  ICE will be brought in.  Discimination is the major flaw here.  It can and will be proven by multiple witnesses and documentation.

You are responsible and culpable in anything that transpires here.  We are just a simple family with a lot of friends who want to be on the land and participate in a fair deal.  Would you just sit back and let this turn into a nightmare, when it can be a lucrative venture?  We hope that you will proceed in a way that is mutually beneficial to all parties.

Michelle Ann, Ahgamen, family, and cooperative-forming

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