Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Dagen has recommended a mediation

Dagen has kindly recommended a follow-up mediation meeting.  He became aware of the ongoing nature of the conflict here at Maybrook and communicated with Ahgamen and Michelle recently.  So we are considering this opportunity for real community growth and development.  This is how it really happens.

The main obstacle is that we cannot interact directly.  As per the Protection Order with the state authorities, Michelle and Ahgamen are protected from harassment by Kevin Skvorak.  I think that other people who are "siding with" Kevin can communicate for him.  That's because the gang of four think alike.

We shall see if this will be scheduled, although we are willing as long as it is positive and constructive.  We also would require that the meeting be video-recorded and those who do not want to appear, can sit off-camera.  We however will be in full camera, as we have nothing to hide.  The documentation is for learning and posterity purposes.

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