Saturday, July 28, 2018

criminal conspiracy at maybrook must stop


To whom it may concern at the location of Maybrook Lodge and vicinity:

There is an active investigation of the conflict situation by Federal E.E.O.C. and New York State D.H.R..  Multiple complaints of: harassment, discrimination, intimidation, and breach of contract have been filed, by four individual parties (more are possible).  These indivuals have reserved all of their human and civil rights, under the U.S. Constitution.

The party under question and investigation is the Northeast Farm Access Company (aka N.E.F.A. LLC), incl. Bob Bernstein, Kahlil Lozoraitis, Kevin Skvorak, Dominik Eckenstein, et alli.

During the investigation there can be no retaliation against the victims, under penalty of law.
The findings will determine "The Right to Sue" status.
Any and all parties will be questioned and served subpoenae.
Attorneys are being retained for those purposes,if needed.

Criminal conspiracy is illegal under the law.  This crime will not be tolerated and it will be stopped.  The guilty actions have already transpired and punishment will be rendered by the authorities. Concilation process will occur.  Compensation is required.  Injured parties will gain remedy, to the maximum amount available according to law.

Ask yourselves, "dear community members" why would supposedly-good people act in this manner to generate a criminal conspiracy against the family of Michelle and Ahgamen (Peter) and their family and associates?  Why would anybody create a conflicting division within the farmers cooperative-forming?  In any case, the cooperative is now legally registered, we have the majority.  Any new members who would be interested to operate under its by-laws, please inquire at

You have been notified and warned.  Personally-speaking, my suggestion is that you focus on yourself and your work and not be obsessed with ruining anybody else's life.  It's unjust, unfair, and against the law.

Yours truly,

Michelle, Ahgamen, family and friends

"criminal conspiracy at Maybrook must stop!"

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