Monday, July 23, 2018

"A Tale of SEVEN Farmers" introduction

Orchard farm Peter Appleseed 2018

"A Tale of Five Farmers" 

(This is a new novel by Ahgamen Keyboa)  "A Tale of Five Farmers" is about the current state of the progressive agricultural movement in America and the world.  "A Tale of Five Farmers" details the lives of five individual farmers who may or may not learn to cooperate together.  The first one is Haum.  The second one is Brooke.  The third one is Kelvin.  The fourth one is MacKraut.  The fifth one is Appleseed.

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UPDATE:  the epic saga has been expanded to be:

"A Tale of Seven Farmers" 

There are seven interconnected farmers, not necessarily in a harmonious relation you see.  These seven separate farmers are all struggling in the post-modern world, to make a living from the soil, to return to closeness with the land. The story unfolds with a description of the farmers one by one:  Haum, then Brooke, then Kelvin, then MacKraut, then Topper, then Handy, then Appleseed... the reader finds out the complexity of the farmer's world, which is a most revered tradition since the start of history.  

This is a novel/book which is to be a stage play of the same name. 

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