Sunday, June 10, 2018

Vetting Process for membership, etc.

Some of my thoughts currently, as I've been asked to offer my opinion on this needed element for the Cooperative:

Visitor and Guest and New Membership to Cooperative - Vetting Process

(after such date if and when approved by consensus, these rules should be implemented through signing by all full, founding members and circulated to those interested, who are potentially visitors, guests and future members)

VISITORS:  Wherever the cooperative at the Solidarity Farm and other locations does function, visitors can be allowed entry during posted, designated hours.  Visitors are defined as any human person(s) who arrive unnannounced, finding the cooperative ramdomly or by other means of knowledge, and who have not been invited nor have acquaintance with anybody in the cooperative.  Visitors are able to be supervised during their short visit by a member operating as public facilitator. The visitor must sign the guest log and provide ID.  The facilitating member shall be responsible towards the visitor(s) and may provide information, goods, or services as the cooperative is formally offering. This member also has the power to expel the visitor for any unfavorable interactions, whether it be verbal or physical, wherefore that member is responsible for justifying the implementation of such extreme precautions. A formal record must be recorded of any visitor incidences, whether it be a favorable visit or an expulsion.

GUESTS:  Full members of the cooperative shall be able to host their guests within the cooperative, by providing a one day notice to the office of space management.  The member who is hosting shall be responsible for the guest's action and conduct.  The guest shall be able to remain within the cooperative for up to 6 days or until such a time that there is a need to make room for other members, by vacating the limited accomodations/rooms.  The exception is campers who are in the open fields or forests, in that these guests are not occupying any of the limited indoor spaces.  Upon the completion of the 6th day the guest agrees to finish their stay and depart on good terms, or request an extension for reasons of gaining membership. At any such time, during the stay of the guest, that a member is disturbed by their presence, that member must lodge a formal complaint to space management and there will be a decision amongst a minimum of three full members to discipline the guest or implement their expulsion, thereby overriding the initial host.  Thereafter, a formal record of such incidence will be presented to the entire cooperative and justification should be provided.  If justified, the host will incur a strike against their membership-standing, because of their guest. If during the time of discipline and requesting their departure, if the disagreement escalates, there can be a decision by at least two full members to call upon a civil-assist involving law enforcement officers, but only as a last desperate measure.  It is to be emphasized that the involvement of outside authority is not the modus operandis of the cooperative nor of any sustainable community.  As a group, the cooperative shall empower itself with soverignty and the abilty to create solutions internally.  Obviously, in any unforseen violent situation, the criminal force should be dealt with immediately.  This entire process will require training of the full members on how to deal with issues effectively and only when necessary.  Preventative measures will be used first and foremost. The promotion, circulation and study of our community's shared values is required and shall be continuously available.

NEW MEMBERS:  Full members in good standing shall be able to initiate new membership into the expanding cooperative-population.  The vetting process for each new member shall be either an initial guest-stay or bypassing that status and the individual shall start a new membership induction.  They may begin by expressing a sincere interest to the group, lodged formally into the record book.  This will be sponsored by at least one full member in good standing and another member who shall second the motion.  The new person will state three goals wherein they can express/prove their intentions to belong within the cooperative harmoniously and in a positive manner.  The sponsoring member shall be responsible and supervising the new person during the entire trial period.  Their trial period shall be from two weeks minimum and up to four weeks (not longer), when they will be approved and initiated as a new member, by unanimous consensus of the other members. The new person, intending to become a new member is under the same restrictions as the GUEST category. 




(to be continued)

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