Friday, June 15, 2018

Update Overview of the past week

Solidarity Farm panorama mid-May 2018
Reality, but not so glamorous! There had been the large dumpster/roll-off garbage container on the property for the past several weeks.  It had been filled with lots of debris and reject items by the sweat equity of many community workers.  It has since been removed prior to this week, and seemingly returned empty.  We cannot seem to get rid of it!  Obviously, it will be filled again, with much more debris and refuse from the ongoing projects.

New workers are to be mentioned and acknowledged: Jake, a new visitor, who is working with Little Bear and Carey; Dagan was a visitor; Haum, a visitor and guest of Michelle and Ahgamen; and others (to be added here later).

The ownership/holding company has moved forward to renovate the large residential house, used to be called "The Lodge".  Dave and Adonis and others have worked on it, being paid crew of Dominick.

The project of the lead remediation has been going-on with the main hall/barn.  This was worked on by Andre, Pete, and Mighty (sp?). 

There has been work on the garden areas, from the largest section which is behind the farm-worker housing, to the front garden, to the gardens around the parking lot and up to the cottage of Michelle and Ahgamen.  The plants are definitely growing.  There is irrigation/watering system added by Kevin.

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