Sunday, June 3, 2018

Shout-out to Bilbo over at the community where he resides

This is a shout-out to Bilbo, member of another community on the continent, which also incorporates agriculture in its purposes.  I should know, because I brought him there and resurrected the farming at the wonderful garden spot along Bear Creek.  This is something to share one day around a campfire.  Michelle, Heyvazealia, can also tell all about it.  That garden and land is an important place to myself, Ahgamen, and Heyvazealia and Arajah, as well as Zenairoh.  Why?  Because he was BORN there.

Bilbo and I caught up on life stories and pertinent info over a phone conversation on 2018, June 1.  We had been playing phone-tag for a few months since the Winter.  You know how that is with phone tag players, we just love to waste time pressing those buttons as we fry our brain cells!

Anyhow, Bilbo has an open invite from me to come visit and meet all the other folks in this new cooperative/community in formation. Bilbo, thanks for keeping track of things in my other stepping stone locations, as you are aware of the longterm goals, networking and forming an expansive tribe.

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