Sunday, June 10, 2018

Question raised: Persons Background check?

Background checks is a big issue, and a loaded issue, I feel.  It's the first time it was mentioned today by Kevin.  It is on the table therefore and should be addressed, let's discuss.

I think background checking would have to be done fairly and equally for all persons connected to the cooperative from now into the future, if it is going to begin at all.

I think before deciding that we should do such a thing, who is the person within the group who is going to be priivy to the information, the data?  What can this person(s) do with the information?  What are their responsibilities?

It's a lot of work to make these decisions.  It's then going to be a lot of work to start gathering the info and what to do with it.

I think initially, to prevent all this tedious, mainstream type of approach, we could instead formulate a questionnaire for all members and new persons in the future.  This questionnaire would be voluntarily submitted and the formal record shall be kept in a cooperative admin. office (which does not exist as of yet).

What questions would we like to include in this personal questionnaire and why?

I can think of question or a section: personal referrences.

The difficulty with all of this, is that we are talking about being a full-fledged company, with a human resources personnel department.  If this is done, then it has to be staffed, and those employees will have to be accountable by state and federal guidelines.  Do we really need to devote time to this?   Is it defeating the purpose of being a heart-centered, intuitive group that can operate at a higher level of consciousness?

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