Friday, June 15, 2018

Meeting announced

A tentative meeting has been planned for next Tuesday, June 19, 2018, which will be facilitated by Dagan of the regional community (not yet of our local, land-based resident community - it should be specified).  Dagan first visited on Wednesday June 13. He has been living in the region for many years and has a lot of experience with intentional community.  He is also skilled at being a mediator.  In that sense, there is an aspect to the meeting with Dagan that will be a mediation between Kevin and additional leadership/management.

The topics of the meeting will be:  community living, developing the cooperative, initiating new members, conflict resolution, privacy, integrity, family, relationships, and improving communication within the local community (among other topics).  Anybody with an interest in this community and developing the future cooperative is invited to attend.

Ahgamen hopes that all attendees will be patient and polite and respectful during the meeting.  The time and exact schedule is TBA.

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  1. The meeting facilitated by dagan was switched to Sunday June 17 in order to include Richard purmilla tanyth and others who are visiting only on the weekend. Cf. The next post about this meeting.