Friday, August 10, 2018

Nothing new here

Nothing new here, everything is the same.  Just a lot of meditation and contemplation.  The family is preparing to move.  That's all.  It's just another pushing-away experience.  It's another sweeping under the carpet event.  Make sure we all become of aware of how community is built.  This is how it is NOT done.
I said from the beginning, there is NO COMMUNITY - AS OF YET.  All it is - an assortment of Kevin's old-time cronies who are taking over the NEFA land and unilaterally changing it to suit their own needs... no community.  People far and wide are starting to sort this out.  They are figuring it out.
First they came for the indigenous Indians, then they came for the Palestinians, then they came for us... the gentrification will continue. 

Monday, August 6, 2018

It's been raining a lot and Summer is hot

The weather has been relatively good for farms and gardens.  Unless the crops and the soil cannot take the excess rain.  It's generated tons of humidity.  Today the heatwave is upon the region again.  According to reports, it seems the whole Northern Hemisphere is hotter than usual.  Also there are so many wildfires in diverse places.  Let's pray for relief, but it must be collective karma.

We have many flowers to be thankful for.  The blossoms are attracting a great friend of gardens - the hummingbirds!  I wish we had a picture of them, but they are too fast!!

Friday, August 3, 2018

News article posted about GANAS and Kevin Skvorak

Here is some news published on the web. I did not know that!!   snipped "In December Tottenville Historical Society President Linda Cutler Hauck, Conference House Park Director John Kilcullen, Susan Fowler, Manager of City Harvest’s Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative, and Nadette Stasa, a member of the Ganas intentional community on Staten Island’s north shore met with Kevin to explore the exciting possibility of bringing farming back to the South Shore in a way that would place the borough of Staten Island at the leading edge of the city’s emerging regenerative economy."

It continues: 

Farm to Table info from Wikipedia

Is the wiki pediatrician accurate?  Farm-to-table (or farm-to-fork, and in some cases farm-to-school) is a social movement which promotes serving local food at restaurants and school cafeterias, preferably through direct acquisition from the producer (which might be a winery, brewery, ranch, fishery, or other type of food producer which is not strictly a "farm"). This might be accomplished by a direct sales relationship, a community-supported agriculture arrangement, a farmer's market, a local distributor or by the restaurant or school raising its own food.

The Results of Defamation

Be careful what you say about people. Have respect and use facts. Otherwise it is...

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

How to form a community? Otherwise known as a progressive movement.

Let's start with this example:  Associated individuals and Northeast Farm Access company advertises its mission to the public through its website and the media.  The message in its mission is that of a progressive movement, full of good intentions.  They offer 30 year farm leases to smallscale farmers.  Read that: 30 years, NOT 30 WEEKS.

The guarantee of longterm access to the land, which cannot be bought, is on the surface, a tempting lure.  It's also a compromise, if you don't do it, you the farmer may not be able to farm at all.  Those pitiful souls who have been in this critical situation, know the suffering of the landless peasant.  The deal is much more appealing and lucrative to the Company's investor/partners, than it is to the poor farmers.  After you crunch the numbers, it becomes apparent.

Monday, July 30, 2018

There are two versions of the community story

Continuation of previous post, the analysis of the duality

The first version can be added unto, in this manner...
"Nascent farm worker community is forming in Upstate New York" and establishing a harmonious relationship between holding company/owners and cooperative LLC/farmer collective.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

criminal conspiracy at maybrook must stop


To whom it may concern at the location of Maybrook Lodge and vicinity:

There is an active investigation of the conflict situation by Federal E.E.O.C. and New York State D.H.R..  Multiple complaints of: harassment, discrimination, intimidation, and breach of contract have been filed, by four individual parties (more are possible).  These indivuals have reserved all of their human and civil rights, under the U.S. Constitution.

The party under question and investigation is the Northeast Farm Access Company (aka N.E.F.A. LLC), incl. Bob Bernstein, Kahlil Lozoraitis, Kevin Skvorak, Dominik Eckenstein, et alli.

During the investigation there can be no retaliation against the victims, under penalty of law.
The findings will determine "The Right to Sue" status.
Any and all parties will be questioned and served subpoenae.
Attorneys are being retained for those purposes,if needed.

Criminal conspiracy is illegal under the law.  This crime will not be tolerated and it will be stopped.  The guilty actions have already transpired and punishment will be rendered by the authorities. Concilation process will occur.  Compensation is required.  Injured parties will gain remedy, to the maximum amount available according to law.

Ask yourselves, "dear community members" why would supposedly-good people act in this manner to generate a criminal conspiracy against the family of Michelle and Ahgamen (Peter) and their family and associates?  Why would anybody create a conflicting division within the farmers cooperative-forming?  In any case, the cooperative is now legally registered, we have the majority.  Any new members who would be interested to operate under its by-laws, please inquire at

You have been notified and warned.  Personally-speaking, my suggestion is that you focus on yourself and your work and not be obsessed with ruining anybody else's life.  It's unjust, unfair, and against the law.

Yours truly,

Michelle, Ahgamen, family and friends

"criminal conspiracy at Maybrook must stop!"

Friday, July 27, 2018

Your official welcome and invite to become part of the community and join new cooperative

cf. community invitation via face book com
July 26, 2018  Accord, New York
Hi all! Welcome to maybrook lodge and the farm community.
Many new people arrived on the weekend of July 21! Dagen Julty was also in attendance for community facilitation.
We have been inviting everybody interested in the work here to visit.  Since March 2018 NEFA LLC and associates have been offering this current phase of development. Any new visitors should check-in at the office in building #4 - little white house. It's straight at the end of main driveway with flower garden and trees. 
The address is 5728 US route 209 kerhonkson NY 12446 which is officially Town of Rochester in Ulster county. 
You will be welcome here and be given guided orientation. Please sign our consent form.  Be aware that we are a peaceful site. There are many children in residence. Thank you for your respect and interest. 
Ahgamen aka P.Edward
Admin of Preservation Protocol
(actively seeking new members circa March 2018)

Analysis by resident philosopher Ahgamen

There are two sides to the story here at the (funny) farm. One is a positive appealing account of the success and ongoing activities of: the company, the workers, the farmers, the cooperative-in-formation, and the visitors from the larger community (who are becoming member-worker farmers).  That side of the story is a happy version and will be a welcome read by anybody with an open mind for the fascinating human-interest article.

The other side is not-so-positive and reveals all the problems, personal conflict, injustice, controversy and challenges.  It pains me to even spend the time and effort to document it and broadcast its facts.  Yet telling that story is necessary, because it has many lessons to give for those who are mature enough to learn.  And it is moreso the search for truth than the rose-colored glasses story.  The somewhat negative version of the situation is just as much for the public record as the first version. But the story has been divided into two sides for obvious reasons.

The first one is the ideal and everybody wishes that it was that way ONLY.  The situation is indeed that way, but not ONLY, because there's a lot more going-on beneath the surface, which is not for everybody to deal with directly.  That second one is full of conflict and ongoing drama, it is the challenge to solve all its problems and maintain the first side of the story.

You decide which version you want to read!  It's as if the first one is a proverbial "blue pill" and the second one is a proverbial "red pill". The first one is a nice starter, it paints a wonderful scenario. It is a success story and describes the best experiences that have happened. 

I suggest the best method to gain the full reality is to digest both pills, you can read both sides and then compare them.  But that is something you may not want to indulge in immediately.  Take some time and read the first one and check it out, firsthand for yourself.  Visit and observe, you can participate.  Beware of becoming part of the problems in the second side of the story, yet that is your own karmic fate.

Admin of Preservation Protocol

Links will be provided below for first and second side of the story.  Choose well!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018


New name of entity being launched at an auspicious time.  Our community can now operate under the legal name of Preservation Protocol (llc)  More members are signing-on each week and new people are welcome to enquire. Leave a comment here or email at

The background of Preservation Protocol is that it was a business formed in 1999 between Ahgamen and Jeweleyah Walsh.  It was filed in New York at Dutchess County in 2004 by Peter Tasciotti. It was expanded recently to include many more founding members for the new phase, in these crucial times.  The Earth needs us!

Discussions were made with Valeria Gheorghiu and it seems that she is unable to represent us, because there may be a precedent set by her initial consultation with NEFA/Dominik.  This is an uncertainty of legal protocol so it is better to err on the side of caution.  She has given us a great referrence and we are exploring that new option as well as other sources of legal counsel. 

Theft reported at Maybrook Lodge Solidarity Farm

It has come to our attention that on Monday or Tuesday there was a laptop computer of Kevins which went missing.  He has reported it to the police. 

The police inquired of numerous residents here at the Farm.  We were also asked by them if we knew anything and we did not know.  In fact, I have never seen his laptop, never knew he had one.

But what I do know in related-matters is that Kevin has constantly accused and insinuated at Ahgamen that he is a thief and will steal.  That is patently false, there is no basis for it.  I have not done any theft, burglary, etc. and have no convictions for any theft on my record.  If you want to look it up, get the legal authorities or an investigator or an attorney firm to find those facts.

We are sorry that Kevin may be missing his possession but we do not know anything regarding it.  We know NOTHING.  There were multiple new persons at the Farm on Sunday and possibly into Monday.  We did not meet any of them.  This was part of the community party as publically announced on the Facebook page.  Maybe there needs to be background checks on new guests, who are not vetted by anybody who resides here? As Ahgamen suggested to be put into place for protocol in May 2018.
Interested in Intentional Community? Co-housing? Farming Collectives?
Come get informed, inspired, & meet your future collaborators.
Come at 3pm for swimming and/or site tour!
STARTING A COMMUNITY: Lessons in the making at Solidarity Farm
Kevin Skvorak has devoted himself to fomenting egalitarian community for over 20 years. He is trained in permaculture and identifies with Regenerative Farming as the most promising practice available to help mitigate the looming climate chaos we face. Currently spearheading Solidarity Farm in Kerhonkson, a new intentional community, Kevin will share his first hand experience with the ins and outs, as well as the highs and lows, of starting a community from scratch.
3–5pm: Meet and greet, creekside swimming, farm tour
5pm: Presentation w/ Kevin Skvorak
6:30pm: Pot luck dinner
[Please label your dish with all that apply: organic, vegan, gluten-free]
7:30–pm: COMMUNITY TALKING CIRCLE with Dagen Julty
$2–4 Suggested Donation

Telling the State Police We are "BAT SHIT CRAZY"

A protected person with Disability is hurled insults constantly - BAT SHIT CRAZY???

Everybody who is interested in Community or at least a modicum of civility in this region must hear the facts of this conflict.  Kevin C. Skvorak has repeatedly remarked with slander and libel and harassment, that P. E. Tasciotti aka Ahgamen (well-known, published, spiritual nickname since 1980's) is in Kevin's own psychological diagnosis a "BAT SHIT CRAZY" person.

Yes he even described this in detail to the state police when they questioned Kevin as to what happened that he would strike-at and assault Ahgamen.  He told them Ahgamen is "BAT SHIT CRAZY" and also Michelle is that same category.

That must have justified in his mind to take actions he's being doing against Ahgamen and Michelle and their family of young children for the past four months.  It just escalated to unbearable levels in June and July, to this juncture.

His partner or associate or superior, Dominik and NEFA company have been notified.  Still waiting to get a response and a remedy internally...

Dagen has heard some of the basic facts of this ongoing conflict and he has reached-out to provide another mediation. He is still waiting to hear from that party a response and scheduling.  Dagen Julty is a community facilitator.

Who or what is Kevin and his "gang of four" to gang up on Ahgamen's family and slander him as being BAT SHIT CRAZY???  Is he perfect, is he a doctor?

ATTENTION: Ahgamen has deeply held religious views and moral rules he and his family abide by.  Kevin and Dominik and others at Maybrook Solidarity Farm have been informed.  Ahgamen also is disabled, they know this.  He is in the category legally protected by State and Federal Law, with disability.

Therefore, please do not continue to abuse these simple farmers who have human rights and they are here because they cannot do other employment in the world, they cannot and yet you have abused them while in a simple agreement.  The Disability is not BAT SHIT CRAZY.  The Disability is being treated and mitigated by professionals, ot yourself.  You're only making your own untreated condition worse, Kevin and others of his associates.  As Betty Greenwald of Rosendale informed you, you well know.  Of course though, many people question her condition.  We as a family know firsthand what goes on in her life.

Betty Greenwald and Kevin Skvorak have been good friends for a long time; maybe that would explain the BAT SHIT CRAZY harassment. 

What they chose to do, they did.  The suffering has been major towards our whole family and all the friends we brought to help on the farm project.  Bear in mind that this is U.S. federal law:

Disability Discrimination & Harassment

It is illegal to harass an applicant or employee because he has a disability, had a disability in the past, or is believed to have a physical or mental impairment that is not transitory (lasting or expected to last six months or less) and minor (even if he does not have such an impairment).

Harassment can include, for example, offensive remarks about a person's disability. Although the law doesn't prohibit simple teasing, offhand comments, or isolated incidents that aren't very serious, harassment is illegal when it is so frequent or severe that it creates a hostile or offensive work environment or when it results in an adverse employment decision (such as the victim being fired or demoted).
The harasser can be the victim's supervisor, a supervisor in another area, a co-worker, or someone who is not an employee of the employer, such as a client or customer.

Maybrook Solidarity Farm Pics

Roosevelt's Garden Shylah-Keyboa

FDR national historic site HomeSchool field trip

Planting seeds at our garden Maybrook Lodge Kehonkson Accord

Spring chicks 2018 at Maybrook farm Kerhonkson Accord

Michael for 1st GaJamBoa June 2018 at Maybrook Lodge Farm Kerhonkson Accord

Goat with Ahgamen-Keyboa Michelle

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Dagen has recommended a mediation

Dagen has kindly recommended a follow-up mediation meeting.  He became aware of the ongoing nature of the conflict here at Maybrook and communicated with Ahgamen and Michelle recently.  So we are considering this opportunity for real community growth and development.  This is how it really happens.

The main obstacle is that we cannot interact directly.  As per the Protection Order with the state authorities, Michelle and Ahgamen are protected from harassment by Kevin Skvorak.  I think that other people who are "siding with" Kevin can communicate for him.  That's because the gang of four think alike.

We shall see if this will be scheduled, although we are willing as long as it is positive and constructive.  We also would require that the meeting be video-recorded and those who do not want to appear, can sit off-camera.  We however will be in full camera, as we have nothing to hide.  The documentation is for learning and posterity purposes.

Monday, July 23, 2018

"A Tale of SEVEN Farmers" introduction

Orchard farm Peter Appleseed 2018

"A Tale of Five Farmers" 

(This is a new novel by Ahgamen Keyboa)  "A Tale of Five Farmers" is about the current state of the progressive agricultural movement in America and the world.  "A Tale of Five Farmers" details the lives of five individual farmers who may or may not learn to cooperate together.  The first one is Haum.  The second one is Brooke.  The third one is Kelvin.  The fourth one is MacKraut.  The fifth one is Appleseed.

cf. page with same name... click here

UPDATE:  the epic saga has been expanded to be:

"A Tale of Seven Farmers" 

There are seven interconnected farmers, not necessarily in a harmonious relation you see.  These seven separate farmers are all struggling in the post-modern world, to make a living from the soil, to return to closeness with the land. The story unfolds with a description of the farmers one by one:  Haum, then Brooke, then Kelvin, then MacKraut, then Topper, then Handy, then Appleseed... the reader finds out the complexity of the farmer's world, which is a most revered tradition since the start of history.  

This is a novel/book which is to be a stage play of the same name. 

Michael Johnson GANAS would behoove us

GANAS Intentional Community: Michael Johnson, core member, painting coordinator. Michael Johnson is Quoted verbatim from a video interview on About why people are scared to communicate directly

It seems that one of the problems within the overall situation at Maybrook Lodge and Solidarity Farm (which is under the auspices of Ganas, as an early ally or customer/client of the farm produce) is the difficulty of communication, i.e. talking to each other honestly, without fear of doing so, or any other kind of overwhelming fear.   My name is Ahgamen, I will cite several examples:  Dominick is not present, he does not reside at Maybrook, which makes it difficult to communicate.  I have not communicated with him since the initial agreement phase.  I have experienced a variety of secondhand communications, nothing directly; obviously he has also experienced the same, it is mutual.  Any communication between Dominick and my family are indirect and secondhand.  Therefore, it is lack of communication, possibly obstruction.  Is it an instance of fear?  Maybe in the obvious meaning and also in an interconnected way, because the persons doing direct communication with Dominick do not want any other persons having communication.

That is a case of compartmentalization and a case of chain of command.  That's what it is.  That is the hierarchy.  That has been a part of the informal agreement.  However, only in the ideal scenario, it will suffice.  In times of trouble or dispute, it will not suffice at all.  Communications need to be opened.

I am sure that Michael Johnson and Ganas community were involved with exploring and figuring out exactly that issue with human interactions.  What did they find out?  Have no idea about that.  I do not know much at all about the findings of Ganas and what is entailed in their "matriarchy" or otherwise core group.

Another example of fear is the manner in which Tanyth and Richard and Permilla try to communicate with Michelle and Ahgamen and their family and Haum and Edmund and Michael etc.  They (the Solidarity farm gang of four) became so fear-based that they will not communicate, will not have meetings, will not have it recorded, and will not discuss anything rationally.  Their conclusion is to tell anybody else to just go away, just leave, just be gone, shoo, good riddance!  Is that communication or the fear of communication?

Simulatenous news from the global level, massive conspiracy

Khazarian mafia doomed as a result of Putin/Trump secret agreement

These days, reading The New York Times and other Khazarian mafia corporate propaganda is like reading Pravda just before the fall of the Soviet Union.  Nobody believes their lies.  Yet even they are being forced to report that the Soviet Socialist European Union is in deep trouble.  That’s because U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin have agreed their common enemy is the Khazarian mafia.  They are acting on this in many ways, as we shall see below.

Read more by going to the link offsite, thanks! 

Power of the goat, the sheep, the chickens, to stay on farm!

On Sunday July 22, 2018, there was yet another of the ongoing harassment incidents at the Maybrook Lodge Solidarity Farm Kerhonkson Accord NY.  Another violent episode of the cult-like tactics that the group of Kevin is inflicting upon any individuals that they target.  That's exactly what it is.  What a shame.  What a disgrace.  We must expose it for what it is.  The victims in this episode were the honored new members (who have been helping with the project since middle of May 2018, during their visits to the site), Selena Levy and Michael Essig.

Meanwhile there are new visitors who were mingling around the corner unaware of the insidious crime syndicate.  They are being dubbed the gang of four.  This elitist clique, The Solidarity Farm GANG OF FOUR consists of Kevin Skvorak, (the mother his child) Tanyth Berkeley, Richard Clark, and Purmilla  "Prim" (sorry we do not know yet what her full name is, no background check was conducted on her or any of the gang for the past 4 months, perhaps she is resisting or she is grandfathered-into the company?)

The Gang of Four proceeded to bang on the door of the private residence early in the morning to harass and accost Michael and Selena.  They screamed their demands at the new members. For what reason?  Why were they so riled up and actually quite terrified?? That they had to spread their terrified state to others who were not yet terrified.

It was all because of THE PRESENCE of a farm animal.  That morning they found a farm animal.  A farm animal was in their midst... OMG... OMFG! and I mean, Oh my freaking goat!!!  This is a farm, where one would expect to find farm animals located.  But no!!!  Not the gang of four.  To them, it is another reason to attempt as hard as they can to intimidate all the other simple farmers to run away from them.  It is futile and laughable, because the farmers are not running away, they are not scared.  The farmers brought a great goat to the farm.  The goat is to be a nice, functional part of the community and will be integral with the whole project.  Does everybody here accept the power of the goat?
accept the goat power
The Gang of Four has no power, no authority, their gig is up.  Each one of them lives elsewhere; they maintain residence not on the farm, but in the metropolitan region.  Their specific addresses are not known, but these facts will be determined (investigations underway), in order to serve them with legal papers.  The litigation is in process. No longer do the Gang of Four have any power to intimidate, to harass, to abuse, to disrespect, to play their charade.  The main reason is that they do not belong in a peaceful community, a place of simple farmers and human beings going back to the land.

The gang of four have been plotting to turn this farm into a drunken, cigarette-smoking haven for the deranged and desperate, such as themselves.  Their twisted fantasy is to generate another shady alcoholics bar for picking up loose women, thus relocating the rampant debauchery of the City-life up into the countryside here.  Well, their bizarre plans are failing miserably.

They cannot remove and dispose of the simple farmers, the new generation of good people who do organic farming; nor can they remove a farm animal which is rightly situated. The goat is here to stay and many more are on the way.  This is more likely a home for goats and sheep and chicken than it is for the Gang of Four.  This project is for organic gardens, food-forests, permaculture, and biodynamic activity - such endeavor which will succeed and foster life.

Michael and Selena suffered the abuse and harassment but are recovering well.  They have the strength to stand-up against the nuisance and frankly, the injustice to their humanity.  Michael and Selena are doing the right thing in trying to maintain harmony and friendly terms with the Gang of Four.  Yet I know the gang is a form of domestic terrorism.  The Solidarity Farm Gang of Four will go down in history as being willfully mentally diseased and using their actions to go against good people.  What I mean by willfully is that they were notified many times for many months, they were given constructive criticism, but they chose to ignore it and go ahead with their crimes. I cannot explain it any other manner, it is mental disease that they have.  It's like an episode of Twilight Zone, where the farmer wakes up and discovers that the village has fallen into insanity.

There is only one way to solve the problem, and that's by facing it and exposing it to the light of Truth.  That's what you the reader can gain here, the blazing light of truth and it will set us free.

related note:  snipped from the web search website
Brian Berger: [Fumbles with tape recorder as granadillo drips down his chin] Whoa, now that’s what I call batidos! Some people think you’re from California but it’s a lot more complicated than that, isn’t it?
Tanyth Berkeley: I was born in Hollywood but have no real connection to the West Coast; my family is on the East Coast. Before my mom and I settled in New York City though, I lived on a goat farm in Colorado and in Providence, where my mom was going to the Rhode Island School of Design.

Yes that gangmember of the Gang of Four lived on a goat farm, yet now tromps around with the gang trying to intimidate goat farmers on the farm! 

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Dominick, notice of mismanagement, misrepresentation of NEFA mission

This is sent to you by Ahgamen (Peter) and Michelle Ann, as well as our family and community.  I hope this letter finds you doing well.  How is your farm work going?  How are your sheep doing?

The subject of this message is about mismanagement, greivous injustice, as well as a legal warning.  It has come to our attention that Kevin and others that he associates-with are in wrong conduct and being dishonest. The arrangement has been that Kevin speaks to you about the issues and concerns of operating the former-Maybrook.  The problem is that he is not able to function in that capacity without distortion and lying.  If he has made statements about us (Michelle and Ahgamen)  then he must be spreading lies and twisting all the facts.  He should not be trusted.  He is now known to be somebody who will sabatage his own self.

In fact, let's talk about the way he tries to run the operations.  He makes a horrible mess, a messy disorganized person. But he does make good rows of vegetables, I will give him credit.  However this messy chaotic method he displays is also affecting the way he attempts to manage.  First of all, he is not the manager of anything. I introduced the project to many new members who are great workers.  Yet what did he do?  He displayed a rude, nasty attitude and made a fool of himself and pushed them away. These people are the key to success, these are the farmers for access to the farm.

Kevin lies about the work we are doing.  We have worked since we arrived in April 2018.  What has he reported to you?  We both have done work and were told in mid-May that there would be a 100 week stipend starting in that week.  We have never been paid.  He also told this to Jennifer.  Now she has informed us that she is getting the 100 week stipend.  Why is that?  Is it because Kevin told lies?  We have been working and Jennifer was not even here in the beginning, she was working for our friend at his house, so we directly know all the days she was paid by him.  While she was there, we were working here!  Where is our stipend, our sweat equity for these hours?

About the leadership position, Kevin tries to, he attempts to, then he contradicts himself about managing.  He says "nobody is in charge", "I don't want to be the manager", "I'm not the Sherriff".  He is a disorganized, disjointed thinker, almost as bad as his friend Little Bear Alex.  We do not know if you heard the story about Little Bear, you probably didn't.  He was working here every other week.  I saw him and spoke with him many times.  I planted the potatoes with him.  Then he started to yell at me and slander me, for no reason; I did nothing wrong to him.  He then started to harass and yell at Andre and they had a heated argument leading to a potential physical fight.  He then ran into the house where Kevin stays. After that he departed.  Several days later he went to my friends house on the other side of Accord and he proceeded to get into an argument.  My friend had him remove him from his house because he became so nasty and vile.

Kevin cannot be trusted for his word and I can only imagine the lies he has stated about myself and my family.  It would behoove you to find out the truth.  We are good workers and have improved the land and structures here.  We are continuing to do so, even after the antagonistic conduct of Kevin, Little Bear, and his other associates.

My conclusion is that Kevin needs a lot of therapy.  He lost a relationship at Clove Valley and Sara W. who apparently was his partner, separated from him because of violence and other problems.  He always brings up this experience of his, especially with Michelle.  He tries to use Michelle as a therapist.  She did not ask for that, she told him to stop. Kevin needs mental treatment from professionals.

This is the recommended solution: Kevin should leave and go to New Jersey where he can better access the Staten Island market he wants to serve (Ganas et al.)  This project needs workers.  I have literally more than a dozen qualified people ready to go.  But they will not be able to do it with Kevin here. They are simple farmers and want to be close to the land and also repairing the infrastructure.  If this is implemented, there will be success.

This is the legal warning: NEFA has a declared mission.  If it is not followed, then it is clearly fraud.  They are collecting money, property, and investors to provide a system that farmers will access the farms.  Specifically, former-Maybrook was for housing of the farmers and Arrowhead was for main piece of land to farm.  I am doing that along with the group that is forming the cooperative.  If any party is to take any action to hinder or obstruct this, then it is grounds for a lawsuit.  Labor laws will be invoked at the Federal level.  ICE will be brought in.  Discimination is the major flaw here.  It can and will be proven by multiple witnesses and documentation.

You are responsible and culpable in anything that transpires here.  We are just a simple family with a lot of friends who want to be on the land and participate in a fair deal.  Would you just sit back and let this turn into a nightmare, when it can be a lucrative venture?  We hope that you will proceed in a way that is mutually beneficial to all parties.

Michelle Ann, Ahgamen, family, and cooperative-forming

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Land, the farms, the gardens and the people who are doing that

Give thanks for your life, it is good and precious.  We are following a philosophy of simple living and that includes at its core, the work of growing your own food.  Simple and direct and natural is the lifestyle. 

If any monied interests would like to come-along and "to mission-statement" that as a way to gain their comfy millions, then do so at the risk of karma.  You do not represent the common, simple farmer, those who are meek and being the salt of the earth.  Those are the ones who need access to the farms.  Those are the humnan beings going back to live on the land.  YET those are the ones who are being used and exploited.  In their name, the artificial feudal-lords of today are thrusting out their palms, in search for alms, big alms charity donations. 

We are the grass-roots consciousness. 

On WHY to communicate

Communication is the key to bring a group together in harmony.  So far, nobody from the other side of the group has decided it worth their while to communicate herein.  That's a shame, I think. This resistance to communicate is part of the problem with communities..  and surely it would be easier to build trust and familiarity through this gift of communicating.

If indeed all the other adults want to just be LURKERS and be silent, then that's their choice.  If the readers want to lurk and read without reciprocation, then so be it. 

I will continue to communicate my ideas and my experiences here, along with others who are willing and who find it useful and friendly to do so.

Update, all posts are being re-published plus more info

Update: in the beginning of July I was thinking of the complaints from Kevin (and who was possibly speaking for others, such as Nadette or other Ganas members)  They were complaining about this blog.  Yet Andre and Michael E. and Haum and Edmund as well as many others were interested to gain info and insight.
I put into effect a hiatus and removed the majority of the posts on July 8 (cf. that notice)  But now I am continuing with this blog, whose mission is to reveal facts and truth and foster community growth, as well as cooperation in all worthy progressive movements. 
What brought about this decision/ this reversal?  I just realized it is the right thing to do.  It is proper and true and will be done.  Whoever doesn't agree, then I appreciate your opinion.  We agree to disagree.  Thanks and that is the end of the existentiality.

Monday, July 9, 2018

nefa info

2 New Hudson Valley Projects Near Esopus Ag Center Added by NEFA

NEFA has announced two new projects in Kerhonksen, New York: the Maybrook Hotel (pictured above), to be used for farmworker housing and other purposes, and the 200-acre Arrowhead Farm. The proximity of both these properties to our Esopus Agricultural Center near Kingston increases the opportunities we can offer to support organic farming in this important Hudson Valley region. More about each:

Maybrook Hotel, for Farmworker Housing and More

In partnership with key investors, NEFA has purchased and begun renovations of the Maybrook Hotel, located in Kerhonkson, New York, one mile from the Arrowhead Farm, off of Route 209.
This 15-acre property with seven buildings is a critical piece in the work to create access to farmland by creating access to affordable housing within close proximity to the land.
The developing plan for this property is to not only create affordable housing stock, but also to leverage the meeting spaces and grounds to have common space for events and other activities connected with community and sustainable agriculture. In spring 2017, three months after closing and some considerable renovations, farm-worker families and individuals are currently living at the lodge, and there is genuine excitement around leveraging the space from community members.

Arrowhead Farm (in Development)

Northeast Farm Access, working with lead investors, is in contract to purchase the Arrowhead Farm (above), located in in the Rondout Valley on Route 209 in Kerhonkson, New York. This important third-generation family farm is a critical addition to NEFA’s work to date to expand access to mid-scale organic agriculture in the Hudson Valley.
The plan in development for this 200-plus-acre property is to transition to organic while bringing in farmer operators for a range of mixed-use activities, from haying to livestock to vegetables and of course the continued production of maple syrup. For the 2017 growing season, we are working with the current owner and farmer planting organic cover crops using organic practices.
The Arrowhead property will contribute to creating a critical mass of farmland toward our agroecology program, building and studying healthy on-farm ecosystems.
For more information about either project or other NEFA efforts, contact Bob Bernstein at (603) 209-2000, or email bob [at] nefarmaccess [dot] com.

Arrowhead Farm

Arrowhead Farm Agricultural Center, LLC (AFAC) purchased Arrowhead Farm in the Rondout Valley on Route 209 in Kerhonkson, New York, on May 18, 2018. This third-generation family farm is a tremendous addition to NEFA’s work to expand access to mid-scale organic agriculture in the Hudson Valley.
We have begun to transition this 271-acre former dairy to organic management practices, and bring in farmer-lessees experienced in raising everything from flowers to seeds, vegetables to livestock and maple syrup. For the 2018 growing season, former owner Peter Davis is planting a second year of cover crops in the transition to organic.
Infrastructure includes a fine, old tie-stall dairy barn, large newer free-stall barn, tractor shop, young-stock housing barn, commodity shed, woodshed, storage shed, manure pit and sugar house. A large farmhouse (with four bedrooms), an additional farmhouse (two bedrooms) and a wood-frame cabin located next to the sugar house provide farmer housing options on the property. The cabin is already under renovation.
More than 120 acres of Unadilla silt loam run along the Rondout Creek, with 100 acres of higher ground in pasture and sugar bush. There are many water sources, including 1.4 miles along the Roundout Creek adjacent to tillable land, a drilled well at the farmstead complex, two ponds and additional springs.


After purchase by the family in 1911, Arrowhead was a dairy farm that produced corn, soy, hay and grains. In June 2008, Open Space Institute and the Ulster County Farmland Protection Board announced the permanent protection of the 346-acre Arrowhead (Davis) Farm north of Kerhonkson on Route 209 in the Towns of Rochester and Wawarsing, Ulster County, New York.
There is a conservation easement on the land, and the soil quality is above average for the area. It is currently in use for haying and livestock production and the acreage for farmland is in a program of cover-crop succession.
Now Arrowhead Farm includes some of the Rondout Valley’s finest agricultural land. It sits in the center of the Valley, between the Catskill Mountains and the Shawangunk Ridge and runs along the Rondout Creek. Rolling hills and prime soils provide excellent drainage. Sweeping vistas and frontage along NYS Route 209 make the Davis Farm one of the most scenic and vital farms in Ulster County.
“In recent years, my family and I have received numerous offers to sell the farm for development, including plans to develop the property with hundreds of homes and commercial retail space along Route 209,” said Peter Davis.
With the funds from the conservation easement, the Davis’s turned their farm into a diversified agricultural business, so residents of the Rondout Valley had greater access to locally grown, safe, fresh and nutritious food, and ensuring that their family farm and heritage will be preserved forever.


Acorn Hill Farm – Joyce Rose, Aleah Rose

Acorn Hill Farm is a small family farm and micro-creamery in the Mid-Hudson Valley/Catskill region of New York that produces a variety of goat milk cheeses, goat milk fudge and goat milk soaps using the milk of organically managed dairy goats.
Joyce and Aleah Rose’s small herd of Nubian goats is made up of around 35 whom they milk twice a day year-round. They care for their goats using natural methods, love, and respect. Joyce will bring fresh, sustainable goat dairy products to regional communities that feel that knowing where their food comes from matters.

Hudson Soil Company: Eileen Banyra

Hudson Soil Company was founded by Eileen Banyra and Noa Simons to distribute Community Compost Company compost. They produce their environmental, finished compost on farms in the Hudson. Their mission is to restore and sustain soil health by producing and selling quality compost. They collect organic material destined for the landfill and transform it into compost to reduce environmental impact, build healthy plants and more resilient communities. Eileen and Noa are passionate about developing an integrated local food and agricultural system to recycle resources.

Long Season Farm

Long Season Farm is a small, diversified, certified organic vegetable farm focusing on four-season production of high-quality vegetables for farmers’ markets, wholesale, and winter CSA in Ulster County NY.Erin Enouen and Sam Zurofsky utilize the main growing season to have a bounty of warm, loving crops from late spring through fall on Long Season Farm. In the “off-season” their high tunnels house cold-hardy greens and roots, while their cooler stores roots crops and cabbages. They embrace the seasons rather than struggle against them, so through the seasons they only select varieties that do their absolute best for the period they’re grown in.

Hudson Valley Seed Company: Ken Greene, Doug Muller

Ken Greene and Doug Muller, the operations manager, co-founded Hudson Valley Seed Company in 2008. For the early years, Ken was the lead farmer on the seed farm, and now he supervises all operations of the business. Ken founded VESSEL, the first incarnation of the Hudson Valley Seed Library and, ultimately, the Hudson Valley Seed Company, while working as a librarian at the Gardiner Public Library in Gardiner, New York. Having developed a keen interest in preserving heirloom seed varieties, he decided to add them to the library catalog so that patrons could “check them out,” grow them in their home gardens, and then “return” saved seed at the end of the season. The program was a small but successful endeavor–one of the first of its kind in the country. After four years of running the program at the library, Ken and his partner, Doug Muller, decided to turn the library into a mission-driven, homestead-based small business–which it still is today.

Treadlight Farm: Irene and Matt Dell

Irene and Matt Matt Dell started Treadlight Farm in 2015 in Bovina, New York, to grow specialty cut flowers and ornamentals. Their crop selection is curated by them and by nature. They grow what they think is beautiful, and nature whittles that down to what grows well in the cool seasons and rocky soil. Together, they have combined farming experiences of more than a decade.

Grazing Farm

Grazing Farm raises high-quality organic grass-fed pastured poultry, cattle and sheep through an intensive rotational grazing system. Bringing communities together through a healthier, safer food alternative and regenerating the land is their priority, and they strive to improve their pastures by using the best organic methods. New farmers Kurt and Asia Frederick of Grazing write, “Living in the Hudson Valley is a dream of ours. The land and views are absolutely beautiful. The environment and atmosphere is quite different from the city life we are accustomed to. It allows us to be still, present and focused on the land.”  Their primary goal is to provide a service to these areas by making food easily accessible all year-round. They want their consumers to know where and how their food is raised.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Updated policy

This blog is going on hiatus.  Due to the constraints for time on other projects.  Also in consideration of the misunderstandings of all those concerned.  If this blog was not beneficial then sincerest apologies. 

In the near future, the stories and blogging will be done in a much different way.  It will be a poetic style.

Until then, be well and live life, creating more good and interesting stories.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Shout-out to Friends who are interested in the Plans

Hi everybody!!!  What a journey we are on.  The spiritual path... goes onwards...
Seeking to find community, or cooperative?  Or both, and more.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Maybrook Lodge meeting facilitator Dagen Julty

There was a meeting facilitated by Dagen on Sunday June 17, 2018.  Michelle had requested at the start of the meeting for permission to video-document the meeting.  Ahgamen approved of this, as did Dagan.  However, Kevin, Tanyth, Richard, Purmilla, and others rejected the proposal and opted for their secrecy.  They kept the meeting a secret, although they said note-taking was allowed. Therefore the meeting has no documentation other than written notes, even though it was offered and made possible to be filmed/video.

There may be reasons as to why the people who have self-appointed themselves as the rulers of the place, do not want to be filmed.  What could those reasons be?  Hiding something?  Hiding their actions?  Their words?  Their inconsistencies?  There is no transparency at this place which claims to be a community of democracy.  Without transparency and documentation any social experiment will fail.

As a remedy for this apparent discrepancy, this blog had been established and continues with a mission to document what is really going-on with transparency and honesty.  That's the only thing that can be relied-upon and trusted.

For everyone who was a witness and participant at the meeting can attest to what was said and done, especially the sharp-minded facilitator, Dagan.  At the outset of the meeting, he stated that "everybody is wanting to see what will happen with this community" referring to all the interested people in the surrounding region.  Dagan was describing the many people who he is connected with, whom have an interest and a "hunger for community".  Kevin quickly remarked that it wasn't true and couldn't be of any interest.  Kevin apparently thinks that it's a secret and nobody knows about the community and project.  But after awhile of convincing, Kevin seemed to agree that maybe there was far-flung interest in what was going-on and whether it would succeed.

(to be con't.)

At the meeting, Little Bear (Alex) threatens Ahgamen and his family.  He loudly declares that he thinks Ahgamen is evil and is "Twelve Tribes"!  What does it all mean?

General Purpose of this blog/website

Note about the General scope of this blog.
This is about cooperatives and how they form.  We partake of this educational exploration by studying our own direct case-studies and those of others.    E.g. Solidarity Farm-forming
It is important to study the process of forming and developing cooperatives, in order to better promote the utilization of cooperatives. 

Solidarity Farm rejects and kicks out Haum

One may ask why did Solidarity Farm kick out Haum?  He was invited and he arrived ready for work.  The place needs plenty of workers.  Yet Haum was told to pack up and get out.  Haum writes a letter to the Solidarity Farm representatives:

Hello Kevin and Taniff, when I first got there I felt like I was not welcome. My friend Agga came under attack before I got in the front door. You claimed there were red flags, looked like he was a possible loose cannon. You stated He was not working and acted as if he was the authority. Also, there were accusations that he was stealing something. Also, you stated he brought me there under the false pretense that I was allowed to stay there when It was already decided that it was only a visit. There was also a dispute with people knowing agga's business with Michelle that lead to an uproar. You also claimed that Agga needed to discuss with you how people were to come there on the coop project. To me this was way too much confusion at the outset. 
When I went to get my bags it seems to me that it was not clarified how I was to be handled. As I approached you we had a brief discussion on my intentions. You stated, I told you to leave and then you decide to set up tent. That it when you stated to me that did I think it was weird that I show up and think I can stay. I agreed that you were thinking it was weird, however, I was working under the authority that Michelle and Agga thought that there was not a problem with it because they have regularly invited newcomers. 
You then stated to me "is Agga controlling you." I let you know I only know what I was told and furthermore, off the record, I rely on his guidance as well as everybody elses until I got situated and that never happened. 
At the Monday meeting, which was somewhat heated at times and did not leave me with a good impression of any type of stability at the location, yes, it was brought to my attention that I could stay. However, there were many problems that needed to be clarified and I highlighted some of them with you and Taniff after the meeting. The most important concern that I have is that Agga, Michelle, Kevin and Taniff discuss in private how people will be brought to this Coop. I strongly suggest that it is brought before the owner so there is no more confusion on the subject matter. You did state that I would possibly be welcome in the future. The only concern that I have is where will I stay. I can camp in my tent.
In the mean time I know everyone will begin working on concerns in a matter that is appropriate for the entire group. Keep me informed on the progress so everyone can make a better decision in the future for me as well as everyone else who decides to go there. There is no blame here and possibly I will see everyone in the future again. Good Bye for now and my apologies for any confusion.


Maybrook Lodge Solidarity Farm Kerhonkson NY

The title of the post is used because they keep insisting on using these terms.  Although it is clear that "Maybrook Lodge" is a defunct business.  Maybrook Lodge was filed as business by the May family a long time ago.  They are all gone now and sold the property.

Solidarity Farm is a name for a new garden section of the property, not a legal entity, not as of yet. And they keep referring to the locality as Kerhonkson, although it is closer to Accord, NY.  Maybe it is served by the Kerhonkson postal office, not the Accord postal office. But if you look at the map it is closer to Accord town. 

The continued use of the name verges on fraudulent.  What is actually going on to bring the project and business up to date, and making it current?  Nothing is going on, just more of the perpetual sloppiness.  One month ago I asked that the sign be removed, from the old business entity which has been out-of-business for the many of years.  Why? Because it is sending out a message to those that see it, business is open as usual.  It will continue to bring in random people who are seeking lodging, YET there is no lodging.

It is one of the many reasons as to why I feel this place is being mismanaged and neglected.  If NEFA wants to run a Maybrook Lodge then they need to file the business name. 

Friday, June 15, 2018

Update Overview of the past week

Solidarity Farm panorama mid-May 2018
Reality, but not so glamorous! There had been the large dumpster/roll-off garbage container on the property for the past several weeks.  It had been filled with lots of debris and reject items by the sweat equity of many community workers.  It has since been removed prior to this week, and seemingly returned empty.  We cannot seem to get rid of it!  Obviously, it will be filled again, with much more debris and refuse from the ongoing projects.

New workers are to be mentioned and acknowledged: Jake, a new visitor, who is working with Little Bear and Carey; Dagan was a visitor; Haum, a visitor and guest of Michelle and Ahgamen; and others (to be added here later).

The ownership/holding company has moved forward to renovate the large residential house, used to be called "The Lodge".  Dave and Adonis and others have worked on it, being paid crew of Dominick.

The project of the lead remediation has been going-on with the main hall/barn.  This was worked on by Andre, Pete, and Mighty (sp?). 

There has been work on the garden areas, from the largest section which is behind the farm-worker housing, to the front garden, to the gardens around the parking lot and up to the cottage of Michelle and Ahgamen.  The plants are definitely growing.  There is irrigation/watering system added by Kevin.

Meeting announced

A tentative meeting has been planned for next Tuesday, June 19, 2018, which will be facilitated by Dagan of the regional community (not yet of our local, land-based resident community - it should be specified).  Dagan first visited on Wednesday June 13. He has been living in the region for many years and has a lot of experience with intentional community.  He is also skilled at being a mediator.  In that sense, there is an aspect to the meeting with Dagan that will be a mediation between Kevin and additional leadership/management.

The topics of the meeting will be:  community living, developing the cooperative, initiating new members, conflict resolution, privacy, integrity, family, relationships, and improving communication within the local community (among other topics).  Anybody with an interest in this community and developing the future cooperative is invited to attend.

Ahgamen hopes that all attendees will be patient and polite and respectful during the meeting.  The time and exact schedule is TBA.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Problem "is" the Solution

The permaculture principle of turning problems into solutions goes hand in hand with one of the main ideas at the core of permaculture: working with nature rather than against it.

[article snipped from PermacultureNews]
Probably one of Bill Mollison’s most often-quoted phrases is:  Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple. 

This view is woven throughout the permaculture principles, however people interpret them, especially in Mollison’s original design principle, “Turn Problems Into Solutions”

A problem is usually defined as the opposite of a solution, so how can it change so drastically?
Firstly, it seems important to understand than in order to ‘turn a problem into a solution’, we do not have to physically change the problem. The change can be achieved through our use of language and through our widening of perspective. Unless we can take away the power of the problem by changing how we talk about it, and transcend the problem by accepting it as part of a wider picture, then it may well be difficult to solve it. Once we do these two things, however, it can open our imaginations and ability to create effective solutions.
When we describe something as a problem we are giving it the power to be a problem with our words and intentions, a phenomenon which is increasingly recognized in the world of psychotherapy (see for example 3). However, if we can expand our perspective and look at the problem another way, it is usually possible to see how the thing – whatever it is – can in fact be in some way beneficial for us. Even if something feels like a powerfully negative event or situation, it can be seen, from a purely psychological point of view, as an invitation. This has been being explored across many disciplines in a number of ways, for example in the fields of transpersonal psychology and psychosynthesis (3, 4). This widening of perception can be applied to any problem, large or small, from purely internal psychological crises to conflicts between people, or between humans and nature, or between entire countries or states. As examples of the latter we can look at the work being done by people such as John-Paul Lederach (see for example 5) and Johan Galtung (see for example 6), who work to help people who are supposedly fighting to create imaginative solutions to their problem, as well as in Marshall Rosenberg’s work with Non-Violent Communication (7). Many traditional cultures and ancient philosophies also advocate this way of looking at the world, and it has been written about by many Western thinkers such as Taoism-inspired Ursula K. LeGuin:
“Only in silence, the word:
Only in darkness, light
Only in dying, life…”
We cannot have one without the other and once we accept this, it can become much easier to accept any problem which comes our way as merely the counterpart to a beautiful solution.
(end snip)
(snipped from TropicalPermaculture website)

Permaculture Principles IV:  Turn Problems into Solutions

"You don't have a snail problem, you have a duck deficiency!"

That is this permaculture principle in a nutshell, summed up in one of Bill Mollison's most popular quotes.
If you see yourself confronted with a perceived problem, why not try and look at the situation from a different angle? Is there any way to use it to your advantage?
A common example for this permaculture principle, one that you will find cited in many permaculture books, is that low lying spot at the bottom end of your garden. You know, the spot that's always muddy, where the water just won't drain away and you just can't get the lawn grass to grow...
You have the perfect location for a pond, or a bog garden with swamp plants. Thought about growing watercress, water chestnuts, or kangkong (a tropical water spinach)? How about iris, primulas and lilies? Many flowers are suited to boggy spots. The ducks you are getting for eggs and to clean up your snails will love it, too.

The category and position of Haum, guest of Michelle and Ahgamen

As a continuation of the diagram exploration, example #7 is given of Haum, a guest from June 10 to June 11.

Haum was invited and vetted by Michelle and Ahgamen because of the obvious and stated need for more workers.  He did arrive into the area and was given transportation by Ahgamen, after using the train and bus.
Haum and Ahgamen and then Michelle were informed by Kevin that there is no paid work for any other laborers, there is no process yet there needs to be a process for visitors and guests and applicants/new members.  Prior to that date, June 10, there was no defined call for process or the urgency that there must be a process.  In fact, when others were asked in regards to Mervyn or Katie, for example, there was some discussion and only a rudimentary informal process.
Now there is a definite call for process to be in effect, as of June 10 and this website contains the efforts and work upon that necessary function of the community, such that it will be established and become a legal cooperative.
Because of the disagreement, Haum had been asked to pack up his tent and to leave by Kevin.  Haum was in the camping area, under development, on the eastside of the land.  Therefore Haum informed Michelle and Ahgamen that he would have to depart, needing a ride to transportation/trains, to leave the area.  Ahgamen did coordinate a plan of exit for Haum.  This is unfortunate because he (and two others on the way) were ready and willing to become full-time workers at the community, the place, and the cooperative-forming.  Ahgamen figured out how to help Haum to leave but not before several things happened, one of which was a meeting for communication and status of the community.

During the meeting on June 11 afternoon, with Tanyth and Kevin facilitating and about 10 community in attendance, Haum was asked about his intentions.  He was also asked about background, including his history with children and possible molestation.  Ahgamen stated that this was a ridiculous approach, because nobody else was confronted in that way for crimes or any other past personal information.  It seems that the status of Haum is that he was a guest with mixed reception, departing in good-standing with possible future membership. 
This points to the need for a fair and transparent and legally-based background check and vetting process and deciding who is in the department for responsible safe-keeping of this personal information.  There should be an office/admin department for this process/function of the community.  If there is not, it will probably lead to additional and ongoing confusion. 

(IMO) It's a problem with a solution.  I'm asking that all present community members, whether resident or not, shall be inquired of their background in a similar line of questioning for info, retroactively.  Ahgamen is suggesting that there be a formalized on-paper method of doing so.  Ahgamen is suggesting that there be a physical office for admin of this function to be created ASAP.  Ahgamen is volunteering to help with the work and effort and responsibility of this department for the community and the cooperative-forming.  Ahgamen is thinking that this is a priority before any additional work is conducted and any progress on the cooperative is made, this will be a major component in the evolution of the whole project.

All that second the motion, say "Aye".

If this is not agreed upon, then it would seem that Ahgamen's incentive to help with the additional labor requirements was wasted.  If this is not agreed upon and dealt-with by group consensus, then it remains that there is no process and that there is discrimination going-on.  No one else was treated in the manner that Haum was treated.  Ahgamen finds that the community could improve and function more effectively and successfully if this issue is resolved.

Haum is thankful to the community for his experience, although he stated he does not want to return in the near future.  He disagrees with the community's methods of interacting with guests and he has his previous organic farming community that he can resume with.  The three people, including himself, who would be new members are now on-hold and delayed as a result.

Overall, this can be used as a test-case.  There is a lot to be learned.

What are the categories that exist in the community, for codification in the cooperative by-laws

What are the categories that exist in the community, for codification in the cooperative by-laws?   These are all or most of the categories and subdivisions which do exist in and of the community; as of this initial review currently, circa June 2018, by Ahgamen.
By using the three columns, we can identify the status of each individual according to three aspects of interaction with the community.  By using the three or four rows, we can identify the status according to application, acceptance by group consensus.  Each and every individual will belong to multiple areas, at least one in the columns and at least one in the rows.  This is not a linear or one-dimensional perspective on our experiences; this is a multi-dimensional analysis, giving us a bigger picture of all the interactions and possibilities.

Let's take several specific individuals and find their position by using the diagram.
For example, Kevin S.:
Community category of Kevin S.
In the above diagram, the colourized areas designate what type is this individual.  Kevin is according to the first column: a resident, full-time.  He is in the second column: a worker, full-time.  He is also being paid and has decision-making with the funding monies.

Example #2, Nadette:
Example #3, Dominick:
Example #4, Valeria:

Example #5, Michelle:
Example #6, Katie:
There is a need for more exploration.  These are rough diagrams for informational purposes only.

Metal Hang Drum played by Selena